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In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.
The concept of education has changed in a big and seemingly unmanageable way in the recent times. Man’s adherence to and rejection of certain practices has thrown up new challenges. Today Education has opened new vistas. Improvement of ‘Self’ remains not only a non-changing factor but has assumed greater significance. School and teachers have a more important role to play in the life of a student and should accomplish some thing more than imparting knowledge.
Have ambitions and aims untrammeled and your hard work, enthusiasm, resilience located with knowledge, intellect would take you to any extent you desire. Respect others, mutual love and cooperation, discipline, focused approach, the notion of compassion and sacrifice for the nation, passion for the cleanliness of school premises and environment in general, agility and alertness for eco balance, would definitely go a long way to provide you a blissful and successful life. Time management is another asset in the fervent stride for success. Endeavour to be better human being while foraying, realizing your dreams. Honesty and integrity should be your second names.
And with this you would definitely turn out to be the best citizens endured with humanistic values after getting formally instructed from this institution and would open new horizons of development and bliss for your country. I pray our governing deity for the past and placing ourselves under his protection and guidance for the future.

Adv.S.Krishna Kumar,
N.V.K.S.Educational Society